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To be mailed or emailed to
President Thomas H. Jackson
University of Rochester
Presidents Office
Wallis Hall 240
RC Box 270011

Dear President Jackson,

As a student of the University of Rochester, it deeply concerns me that we are unaware of the factory names and locations as well as the working conditions under which our apparel is made. For this reason, I urge that UR request from Barnes and Noble College Bookstores, Inc. the full public disclosure of the names and locations of factories producing UR apparel.

Further, I strongly urge that UR sign a Code of Conduct through which humane factory working conditions including the prohibition of child labor, forced labor, mandatory overtime, and physical and sexual abuse can be secured. UR is at least indirectly responsible for atrocious human rights violations committed in its name, and promoting humane conditions at factories producing for UR is certainly an academic responsibility.

I urge that UR immediately sign onto the Worker Rights Consortium in order to implement full public disclosure, the WRC Code of Conduct, and allow for the verification and monitoring of factory conditions. As an undergraduate student of UR, I pledge to withhold financial or other donations to the University until this academic responsibility is properly addressed. Following my education at UR, I will make donations to the University if and only if it signs onto the WRC immediately.

(your name and class year)